Gea Lepik

Gea has been active in Domus already since the beginning of 2009, when she was a project manager. At the moment, Gea is a member of the management team and is mainly training Domus's new project managers and counseling them how to write good project applications. Before she has been active in several youth organisations and has managed projects to increase the participation of young people, to encourage young Estonians to take part more actively in society. Among her projects has been "Young people in society and politics" and "Participation of young people in decision processes on local level". Also she has been a member of the TEDxTartu conference organisation team  for two years.

Gea's profession is law and she is working as a solicitor in a lawyer's office. In her free time Gea enjoys sports and is always willing to accept new challenges related to her specialty, from participating in moot court competitions and summer universities to helping with giving seminars at the university.