Coalition of Citizenship Education

Active and responsible citizens who participate in the society are the basis of democratic society. It is crucial that well developed and wide-spread citizenship education possibilities exist to educate young citizens.  Project aims to critically examine the existing non-formal citizenship education programmes, offer ideas how to make programs more cohesive and mark the logical options to take in the process. 
After the project three participating programs have developed their sustainability and became more professional offering citizenship education as “syllabuses” of these programmes are logical and connected if possible and reasonable. Moreover, Coalition of Citizenship Education aims to actively participate and encourage other educational institutions to include citizenship educations to their systems, ensuring various possibilities to participate for the citizens. 
Project is led by Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis which is responsible for smooth cooperation (planning and preparing the meetings, seminars, summarizing the results) between the partners and encouraging other organizations to join the Coalition. It is also responsible for developing its own citizenship education programme. The first partner is Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations which has to take care of the public image of citizenship education and represent Coalition in the policy making procedures. The second partner is Youth Entrepreneurship Ideas Contest and Development Programme ENTRUM which is also responsible for shaping the citizenship education programs to be attractive to young people, having great experience in that. Both of the partners also further develop their own programs during the project.

 Project is funded by the NGO Fund of the EEA Grants, intermediated by Open Estonia Foundation.