Historical building

The building of Domus Dorpatensis is situated in Tartu, right beside the Town Hall. The oldest part of the stone house, built before 1755, has still preserved its mansard roof and baroque roof-windows. The house is three-storied and comprises a large courtyard. The U-shaped set of buildings takes additional architectural value in the fact that the houses were not damaged in World War II and have alone in the quarter preserved their historical authenticity. Therefore it is the house of Domus Dorpatensis that has the most ancient and original look in the vicinity of the Town Hall.

From 1849 to the World War II the house belonged to the Baltic German family von Rücker. During the Soviet period the house accommodated in addition to apartments a seed-shop, a cobbler, and a tailor. After Estonia regained its independence, the estate was returned to the von Rücker family. Since 2002, the building belongs to the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis. At the moment there are shops and a café on the ground floor, the HUB and the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis on the first floor and guest apartments on the second floor.