Our Social Activities

We support the development of young people, in order for them to be able to start social enterprises that are able to solve the root problems* in the society.

*We solve such problems of science, culture and the civil society that are the cause of many other problems.  

How does it work?

1. Developing the young people

Every year we recruit around 50 young people, who join our project teams. They start with organizing smaller event series and then, when aquired some experiences, move on to organizing bigger events (such as TEDx or the Estonian Civil Society Week).

The experience of organizing events is very universal. These young people experience first-hand project management, networking, marketing, team-work, leadership etc. On the same time, they also go through our training program and are able to reflect their experiences at workshops and through our coaching program.

The events they organize also provide a platform for discussion of ideas and problems for anybody who is interested.

2. Starting social enterprises

We offer a safe environment for the young people to start their own social enterprise. First, we map the problems in the Estonian society (in science, culture and the civil society), then we learn about the different ways other organizations and individuals have solved similar problems around the world. And then we put the three - experienced young people, problems and ideas together and start social enterprises.

All the volunteer young people who have organized events in Domus get a chance, once every year, to join our social enterprise incubator. There, every team has their own experienced mentor, counseling and trainings. They also get to use our co-working space - DD HUB - for free.

We wish to initiate such social enterprises, that solve a very specific problem in the society and have a very clear business and impact model. So far we have launched the Young Leaders program (www.nooredliidrid.ee), five local youth councils in the Tartu County, Tartu County NGO network etc. In the future we wish to start around 4-5 new social enterprises every year.